i would give an arm and a leg to give jennifer lawrence the biggest hug of her life right now.


Erevos Aether – Wake the Serpent Not

Erevos Aether’s AW 2014-15 collection, Wake the Serpent Not, contrasts sheer, romantic, fragile textures with armorlike iridescent leather and metallic elements. The architectural qualities of this tough, invulnerable aspect combine with its softer side to create a high sci-fi look that is dark and impressive.





I wasn’t able to draw at the time the Pacific Rim sequel was announced, so to compensate, I animated all the drift compatibles dancing horribly in celebration of the upcOMING ANIMATED SERIES 8V



clint barton, ladies and gentlemen. the ever-unchanging clint barton.

anonniemouse asked you:
Who's your favorite Person of Interest character? Who are your top 5 favorite characters of ALL TIME?

Kara Stanton. Kara is my queen. She’s deliciously complex and beautiful and terrifying. Also, she has great taste in dresses. 

Top 5 Favorite Characters of ALL TIME? Damn. I’ll give it a shot but it’s not a concrete list. 

  1. Clint Barton - I’m sure you’re all so surprised. There’s nothing I don’t love about Clint. Nothing. He’s simultaneously a huge fuck-up and a big damn hero. I love that. I just have so much respect for his character, the way he can get beaten down 99 times and get up 100. His past weighs down on it but it doesn’t stop him one bit from doing good things. He aspires to superhuman things despite being just a regular guy. Clint Barton doesn’t give up. I need that inspiration in my life. 
  2. Daryl Dixon - Again, I’m sure you’re floored. However, I love Daryl’s character more for what he slowly became than for what he was originally created as. It could have been so easy for the TWD writers to make Daryl a cardboard cut-out redneck troublemaker, and they almost did. Instead, they (and Reedus’ own talent) made him into a complex, tragic, ever-evolving character. I’m seeing a pattern here that I love people who get up despite a very overwhelming reason to quit. 
  3. Katniss Everdeen - I want you to pretend you’re a brash, angry, awkward sort of girl growing up. Now I want you to try to find a book with a female lead that is even an iota like you. Guess what? It’s fucking impossible. Or it was, until I read The Hunger Games. I love Katniss. I love that she is unapologetic about her personality. She’s blunt, she’s not social, she’s angry, she doesn’t run her life around the whims of men. Katniss was the first character I’ve ever read that genuinely did not give a fuck about what people/boys thought of her. She had a family to feed and a country to throw into rebellion. Bless her. 
  4. Lori Grimes - Listen y’all. I can go on and on about how I think I’m Black Widow and would mow down zombies with a machine gun, but in all reality, I’m Lori Grimes. I would be the one crafting a home out of nothing. I would be the one putting other people before myself. I’d be the one mothering everyone. Most importantly, I’d probably be the one making mistakes. You know why? Real people make mistakes. Lori is a beautifully crafted “real” character that occasionally got the shaft from the writers but that’s an ENTIRE OTHER ESSAY  and I love her dearly. 
  5. Megara (from Disney’s Hercules) - For some reason, this is the only other character coming to mind right now and it’s just a matter of longevity, I guess. Know what I said about being a brash girl in a world of shrinking violets? Meg helped me give less of a fuck about that. Even when I was 7-8 years old, I loved the way she was responsible for her own well-being. “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day." She wasn’t a princess to be saved - she was a woman who got into trouble and got the hell out of it, big deal. As I got older, I respected that she was responsible for her own mistakes - and worked to fix them. Also, did she need Hercules? No. He needed her. Damn right. 

wordsmithdee said: Bless you.

thank you, I will keep up the fight for dude nudes 

I just have a lot of feelings about why we keep hacking female celebrities and running them through the gauntlet for taking private pictures when we all know damn well male celebs are sending dick pics at the same rate as the rest of the world and WE AIN’T NEVER SEE THOSE??? IT’S A TRAGEDY. 

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[pounds fists on table] 


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I didn’t mention wanting Renner nudes because y’all know he hasn’t figured out the smartphone camera yet 

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