AIR // And tonight, we embark on the last and most ambitious phase of our campaign to end tyranny across the globe. My administration is taking steps to ensure our way of life will continue.



what has elias been doing all this time has he just been shopping for new cardigans and making pasta

from elias snapchat story maybe probably


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yo so I’m on vacation for the next 4 days

and seeing as I’m the primary vacation caretaker of a 2-year-old I won’t have much time to post

got a queue up, as usual tagged with #queue queue motherfucker 

anything I ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE please tag with #mizliz bc I check that tag 

cutiepiefallon asked you:
whoa Jeremy Renner's hair is looking cute in this new stuff. You've gotta run your fingers through that hair Liz, at all costs

ooooooo gurl I will get my hands all over that like



Let’s face it: we as the fans might be angry forever at the shafting of Hawkeye in the first Avengers movie by Whedon, but we’ll never be as salty as Renner himself is about it.


just like that im back on the jeremy renner can fuck my ass in the middle of time square grind


Clean Bandit - Rather Be (ft. Jess Glynne)