Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge // Days 8, 9, and 10 

Ahahaha I am so bad about keeping up with this so LET’S THROW 3 DAYS INTO ONE. 

Day 08: Favorite Guest Star 

Day 09: Favorite Emotional Scene 
Leila crying in 1.17. That was the first time I was like hahahahahahaha fuck this show, I am OUT. Actual tears happened. That and all of 1.21. I’ve only watched that episode three times (compared to probably 10+ for every other episode) because I can’t handle it. Reese feels. Ugh.

Day 10: Favorite Humorous Scene
Carter shutting down Reese in 1.12. And then he has the face above and I laugh every single time.

"You’re getting good at this, Carter."
"It’s my job. And I didn’t even have to shoot anyone to do it!"  

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