Zoe/Stanton; Reese is a pushover (1cooper)

Cut for uhh…content. 

Zoe’s lips crush Kara’s, pushing her head back against the headboard, and the fixer has her set there for a second, but Kara knows better and wraps her legs around the other woman’s waist, flipping her over, making her yell in defeat and exhilaration; this is their game, their version of fun, and between rounds of this they talk in low tones about their shared interest—John, and how much of a goddamn pushover he is despite being such a “warrior.” 

John’s got chivalry running through his veins, so he thinks women are to be cherished and appreciated—even when he’s rough, he’s rough in a civil way, the kind of rough you read about in romance novels; Zoe bites down hard when she comes, wherever her mouth ends up, and Kara’s nails dig in to leave half-moon cuts, and both of them push and shove and choke and leave bedrooms broken and bruised but loving every minute of it. 

They know that women are strong creatures that can handle this type of love, this type of relationship; where John believes that a woman he’s making love to is a delicate bird, a gem that’s easily chipped, Kara and Zoe know that the other is a vulture, a diamond, a sword of steel, that their partner is there for the sparring, for the war, for the blood and there’s nothing sexier to them than that fact.  

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